Your Waterwheel Solution

Water Wheel Powered Trash Interceptor

Baltimore, MD

Designed by Clearwater Mills, LLC of Baltimore, MD

Throughout the 19th Century, much of the industry of Baltimore was powered by the flowing
current of the Jones Falls River.  Water Wheel powered mills produced flour, textiles, lumber
and many other products that were shipped through the growing port of Baltimore.

Today, we are using this power to clean the water of debris and litter that is carried by run-off downstream to the Inner Harbor.  

This trash mill uses centuries old technology to continuously remove trash from the Baltimore City's harbor waters.  An “unique design river wheel” powers a ladder type conveyor that is submerged in the water on the upstream end.  Trash booms guide the trash to this end of the conveyor where it is lifted from the water by the conveyor, it travels up the conveyor and is deposited in a dumpster.  The Waterwheel and the conveyor are installed on a floating platform which is held in place by pilings.  The dumpster is placed on a separate movable floating platform which is designed to be pushed by a boat of the type presently utilized by marine operation crews.  These boats move the filled dumpster to a boat ramp where it is emptied by a disposal truck, returned to the float and to the interceptor.  The interceptor is equipped with a clutch type reduction gear which is disengaged when the dumpster is being emptied.

The specially designed 12 ft diameter river wheel developed by the Waterwheel Factory for this project is lowed into place on the barge unit.

A covering structure is provided for the conveyor and the dumpster to prevent trash from being blown by the wind and to improve the aesthetics of the equipment.  This structure is designed to evoke a mill building found along the Jones Falls in the 19th century.  The Waterwheel and other equipment are also designed to reflect the mills of an earlier time in Baltimore’s history.  A sign will be placed on the bridge which will interpret
the history of the mills on the river, and increase environmental awareness

John Kellett and his staff are updating Baltimore City Officials on the project.

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Unit will be in full operation by Spring 2008

A small blog article written about the unit in the Baltimore Sun

Winter 2008