Ragsdale Mill Restoration

Operated by the Sisk Family

Homer, GA

24 foot 30 inch wide waterwheel

April 2007

All New Outer Bucket sections replaced

Dual Coat Powder Coating metal finish


Ragsdale Mill has been in operation during the civil war. It is located about 7 miles north of Homer GA.

Fitz Waterwheel Company replaced the old wheel was a new waterwheel back at the turn of the century
The axle, hubs and the spokes after all this time were in good operational shape to be used again. The outer bucket section had seen a better day with major rust setting in. Up through the 1950's this mill was still in operation.


The process of cutting out the old outer rim section began.

As each old section was removed a newer bucket section was put in place.

The old and new buckets sections

As each old bucket section was removed the spokes were cleaned to receive the new section.

Through it own patent pending process of joining the bucket sections together the wheel was slowly coming together.
The last of the old bucket sections to be removed.
Here the last new bucket section was installed.
The flume gate was opened up and the water ran over the new bucket section.


After two long days of work, the team had smiles watching the water once again turn the waterwheel at this beautiful old mill's.


During the next month the insides of the mill will be overhauled and the Ragsdale Mill will be back in business.