Your Waterwheel Solution

Stratton Ski Resort

Stratton Mountain - VT

Top Rated Sky Resort Complex in the United States


Poncelet Undershot Waterwheel

10 Foot / 24inch wide welded section Poncelet waterwheel installed June, 2005

Industrual Metal Primer Paint - Final painting and landscaping to come


Artist rendering

To Finished Building - only item missing is the waterwheel

Poncelet Waterwheel

Concept Wheel Design

Waterwheel Factory has studied many of the old document to be able to design a true Poncelot Waterwheel

Poncelet Waterwheel
Support is redrawn by the architect to meet building specification

Poncelet Waterwheel

Flow liners is constructed


Waterwheel Factory sets up for the one day installation

Poncelet Waterwheel

Axle and spokes are assembled


These spokes not only added grace in its design but were innovative in the assemble process of the wheel

Poncelet Waterwheel
Wheel assemble in mid process
Poncelet Waterwheel
Last Bolt goes in without a problem

Finished Wheel

This poncelet waterwheel was so balanced the wind started to turn this 1000 lb. wheel on its own and we had to shim it up to prevent it from turning.

This will be recorded as one of the few Poncelet waterwheel in this country.