Your Waterwheel Solution

Tharpe Mill Restoration

Ronda, NC

18 Foot Welded Waterwheel installed August 2005

Twice coat bronze textured powder coated metal finish

Tharpe wheel in the past

This is how the mill looked in the good old days. Started in 1914 by Ralph Tharpe

Old Tharpe Mill Wheel
With the lack of use for the last decade, the wheel rusted out sitting in pools of water
Tharpe Mill Axle
The old wheel was pulled out just leaving the old Fitz hub and axle
Tharpe mill rusted buckets
Careful measurements were made of the old wheel parts to replicate as close as possible the original wheel
New Tharpe Waterwheel

The new wheel arrived and was unloaded off the truck

Ralph Tharpe looks on

Mr. Tharpe watches as the new wheel is unloaded off the truck.

New Tharpe Waterwheel Buckets

The buckets sections and the spokes were staged for installation

The new bucket sections and spokes were powder coated with 2 coats of powder. This process is the same as the military uses for their outdoor equipment for high endurance.

Tharpe Mill Spokes Installation
The half inch thick by 5 inches wide set of 10 pair of spokes are installed
Tharpe Mill Installation
The wheel installation almost finished
Completed Tharpe Mill Waterwheel
Final checking of the bolts are done

The finished Tharpe Mill Waterwheel.

After the old gears are checked out, the old segment gear will be installed back onto the wheel