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HubbShot WaterWheel Sample Pages

Harness your creek with the easy to build, all metal, Hubbshot Waterwheel. It will last for generations. Build your wheel from our plans. Our plans include a complete materials list as well as complete, easy to understand, instructions on fabrication and assembly procedures.

The Hubbshot is a simple proven waterwheel and is suitable for low heads and modest flow creeks. Plans can be easily modified to accommodate higher heads and flow rates.

The HubbShot Waterwheel is a blending of the old world design with the advances of today's technology. This single spoke computer design is the creation of Robert Hubbs. The HubbShot wheel is primarily a gravity wheel that receives the water at a point just above the hub and discharges it near the bottom. The "J" buckets receive the impulse of the incoming water without impact and therefore salvage the impulse energy that is usually wasted in overshot and breast wheels. The "J" buckets eliminate the need for a sole plate such is required on all overshot wheels. The "J" buckets also eliminate the need for a close fitting breast such as those required on all breast type wheels. This makes the HubbShot wheel simpler and more economical to build. There are only one row of stiff spokes terminating in a sturdy hub, The "T" bolts in the end of the spokes eliminate the necessity of a parallel set of spokes and give some adjustment to aligning the tracking. The "J" buckets can be bent on a simple homemade "jig" to any practical width to accommodate any reasonable flow. The HubbShot wheel is especially attractive and is well suited to falls of 4'-14' and modest flows, such as is found on thousands of mountain streams. It can be built to deliver 2- 4 hp on suitable sites.

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