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   in 1998

Waterwheel Factory shares it's knowledge about waterwheels and displays the inherent beauty of a moving waterwheel. Explore; water wheels in history; waterwheel calculations; waterwheels for energy, and gristmill restorations. Explore the many ways you can enjoy having your own waterwheel for landscape decoration or any project you may have in mind.   
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the many exciting photo’s and options we offer.

BAss Pro Waterwheel Waterwheel Manufacturing

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Landscape Waterwheels

Our TV Appearances


"Little People, Big World"  

Little People Waterwheel Installation


Extreme Home Makeover

Extreme Home Makeover Installation of a waterwheel

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International Wheels

Power Wheels

River Waterwheel for PowerPoncelet Waterwheel

Poncelet Waterwheel

Water Moving Patent

River Waterwheel for Power

Landscape Wheel

Rock Island Ridge Estate Waterwheel6ft DIY Waterwheel

 Landscape Wheel

Two of our Larger Wheels

28 & 24 Foot

Healan 28ft Wheel Gainesville, GA Bass Pro Resturant  Waterwheel Factory Carolina Orchard Project NC  Waterwheel Factory Universal Studio's Sapphire Fall Resort FL Waterwheel Factory

Notable Large Projects

Roc k Run Mill Restoration

Susquehanna State Park

Thirty Two Foot Diameter

 Ben Russell Restoration

 East Coast Largest Waterwheel


Thirty Five Foot Diameter

Russell Watewhwwl Waterwheel Factory

Spring Lake Development GA  14ft

Old Mill Estates TX  12ft

Stetson Estates AZ   16ft

Settlers Bridge ID  10ft

DR Horton Development  NC  15ft

Lawson Development  NC  20ft

Whitehall Creek Development PA  10ft

Collazon Farm Entrance  TN  8ft

Developments  Esntries

Spring Lake Development  Waterwheel FactoryOld Mill Estates TX   Waterwheel FactorySteteson Estates  Waterwheel FactorySettlers Mill  Waterwheel FactoryLawson Developers  Waterwheel FactoryWhite Hall Developers  Waterwheel FactoryDR Horton Developers  Waterwheel FactoryCollazon Farm Entrance  TN  8ft Waterwheel Factory



6 Flags New England  CT  12ft

Cedar Point Amusement Park OH 14ft

Dollywood Splashworld TN  12ft

House on the Rock  WI  12ft

Cedar Point Amusement Park OH 14ft Waterwheel Factory Dollywood Splashworld TN  12ft Waterwheel Factory House on the Rock  WI  12ft Waterwheel Factory 6 Flags New England  CT  12ft Waterwheel Factory

Outdoor Attractions

Greenbrier Resort WV 16ft Waterwheel FactoryBellagio Hotel Las Vagas  15ft Waterwheel FactorySandal Resort in restaurant Jamaica 12ft Waterwheel FactoryBobby Jones Golf Resort AL 12ft Waterwheel Factory

Hotels / Resorts

Bellagio Hotel Las Vagas  15ft

Greenbrier Resort WV 16ft

Sandal Resort in restaurant Jamaica 12ft

Bobby Jones Golf Resort AL 12ft

    McCord Home

    Graham Home  Joplin MO  15ft

    Living Green Home NC 15ft

    Carson Home  GA  14ft

McCord Home Waterwheel Synder Home  TN  12ft Living Green Home NC 15ft Carson Home  GA  14ft

      Shopping Center Jamaica 24ft

             Branson MO Shopping Mall

Branson MO Shopping Mall

Dollywood Roller Coaster Display

Waterwheel for River Trash Cleaner

Balt River Trash Cleanup Boat Dollywood Roller Coaster Decoration

Clearwater Mills LLC  (410) 952-6370

Mills- Old & New

Guilford Mill, NC  24ft Waterwheel FactoryGilbert Mill  SC 10ft Waterwheel FactoryFrancis Mill NC  24ftRagsdale Mill  GA  24ft

Guilford Mill, NC  24ft

Gilbert Mill  SC 10ft

Francis Mill NC  24ft

Ragsdale Mill  GA  24ft

Wood Clad Waterwheel

Recent Projects

Mill Restoration

See Video

Waterwheel Install

Vala” Pumpkin Patch, Omaha NE

24 Foot Overshot

City & Park Projects

Blackwater State Park  FL  9ft Waterwheel FactoryCaldwell City Urban Project  ID  20ft Waterwheel FactoryCook & Brother Armory  GA  8ft Waterwheel FactoryMillsoro Town Hall Md  12ft Waterwheel Factory

Caldwell City Urban Project  ID  20ft

Cook & Brother Armory  GA  8ft

Millsboro Town Hall  MD  12ft

Russell Watewhwwl Waterwheel Factory

Topper Mill TN

  12 Foot Wood Panel Waterwheel

Atlanta GA Development

     30 Foot Waterwheel

With Wood Siding Lat Updated 05/22/24

Mundy Mill Entrance Sign  NC 18ft

Block Wall Sign  Gregg's Mill

A Little Different


Mundy Mill Entrance Sign  NC 18ftBlock Wall Sign  Gregg's MillRussell Watewhwwl Waterwheel Factory

Hurricane Shoalsl 14ft GA

Linden MI Park Wheel

Red Mill 24ft by 4ft wide Waterwheel

Waupaca, WI  Click on link for Greenbay news report